Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You miss me....

I know that you do. I have moved my blog. Movin' up in the world you might say. So please update your bookmarks so that you don't miss one second of the excitement that is me!

Tangled Fingers Diary

See you over there!

Friday, March 16, 2007

So I am back...

Remember how I said that the Princess was sick? Apparently she was a lot more sick than I thought that she was. She ended up very dehydrated and in the hospital for a week with an IV in her arm giving her fluids because she refused to eat or drink anything for that whole time. Very scary. We finally got out yesterday. The two of us were so happy to get home let me tell you. I didn't have my knitting so when the Princess was sleeping (which happened a lot those first few days I sat on the couch and watched tv or roamed the hall. It really was not an easy time for the wee one. Thank God that it is over.


Really bad cell phone pic but you get the idea. I tell you after that experience I have a lot of respect for the parents that have kids in the hospital for really long periods of time. By the end of the week I was starting to get very stir crazy.

So I finally gave up on the swap socks. I am hating the whole process and ready to get back to T's sweater. (He's ready for me to get back to it as well) so I am having a lady knit the socks for me to send to my partner and I got him a set of stitch markers, some chocolate, some Earl Grey (because you can only be cool drinking Earl Grey) and some hot chocolate packets. I really hope that he likes it!
I need to clean up the house now (5 days with no mom around is not good for the home /le sigh)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Winning is grand...

So I was reading the bazillion blogs that I have on bloglines a couple days ago and saw that Mim of Mimknits was hosting a contest to name her newest creation. (A beautiful camisole wow) I put in my suggestions and then promptly forgot about it because frankly I don't usually win stuff like this. But i did! She chose her friends name so she used a random number generator to give out the prize. *happydance* So I am getting a the Seraphim Shawl pattern from Mim and some yarn and soap. I can not wait to see the prize! I promise picture goodness when I get it.
Not much has gone on here as far as knitting. I spent the day yesterday cuddled up on my couch with the princess wishing for sleep. Yup we were sick. The flu hit us hard yesterday. I am feeling better today (except for the throbbing headache uuugh) but the princess is not doing as well. I hope she gets better soon.
Anyway off to take care of my headache and maybe snooze some more.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tranquility Tragedy...
I go to play with my beautiful tranquility and look! I have no clue what happened but the hook is WAY out of alignment. *sob* I am going to see if I can bend the hook back into proper place, if not then I will have to go get a new one and hope for the best.
Tranquility tragedy!

Ahhh Miss Babs...
Miss Babs
All plyed up. I think that there are roughly 15 yards there, approximately. Not sure of the wraps per inch have to check. Fairly even though! I am quite proud.

Miss Babs the Diva
Looking quietly out the window on a cold day. She so loves the camera.

Jaywalker time...
Coming along beautifully! Just. very. slowly. I promise I will knit nothing else until they are done! I have to get these socks to their rightful owner. I feel bad about being so tardy with these but I have had nothing but trouble with these socks since day one. This is the farthest that I have gotten on the many different tries that I have done. I will finish!

And now for some bamboo pron...
Nina lovin' the Bamboo
I had a bumpy start spinning this stuff but once I figured it out I love it muchly! So pretty and a beautiful sheen to it. Honestly I have no plans for knitting anything with it yet although T would like something made out of it. So who knows, maybe a manly item is in order since the Sweater of Dooom is taking forever. (I will get it done, just maybe not in this lifetime. Just Sayin')

In other news...
I really want to learn to use my sewing machine. I am thinking about taking a class to get the clothing techniques down. Untill then I think that i will get one of those quilt top kits that have all of the blocks pre-cut and practice straight line sewing from that. (like I really have the time but T is very upset that I hardly ever use it. So I think that it is time to start.)

Off to teach Ol' Ziggy to write his name. He will be ready for Kindergarten even if it kills me!
Love and squishes!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Yeah so there was some snow...

For once the weathermen got it right. Normally they say 8-12inches and we get 2 inches. Not this time. Whoooo boy. We got us some snow! Somewhere between 10- 11 inches. Very cool.
The kids had a blast outside doing all the things that kids do while I stayed inside and knit. Very cool.
Snow Baby
She lasted longer than her brothers outside!
The man doin' his job
The man doing his job.
Look at that depth
Look at the depth of the snow! Crazy-ness.
Snow fort
This is what the kids did for hours. They really will sleep well tonight.
Knitting news?
Not much. However I finally turned the heel on the first Jaywalker that should have been finished two weeks ago. I suck at deadlines. Seriously.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Of sweaters, socks and anniversaries ...

So T and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on Wednesday! Yes the man and I have been married for 9 long years and I would happily do it all again. T happens to be the hardest man in the world to shop for so I have taken to buying him chocolates and letting him get what ever he wants. He, however, seems to enjoy buying me things (and really who am I to stop him?) so I had a pretty good Valentines/anniversary. First off he got me a cell phone (he's tired of not being able to get a hold of me lately hehehe) He brought this home a few days before Valentines day.
Cell Phone
I love it! I have been a good girl and not gone crazy with the minutes either... so far. (complete with manly case. I need to break out the wool and felt me up a case.)
Then on Valentines day he brought home a beautiful blue i pod nano.
i pod in my favorite color!
I use that thing all the time. Nothing like catching up on pod casts that I haven't listened to in forever. Now if I could only figure out audio books! Needless to say I am a tad spoiled.
Then on our Anniversary he brought home a dozen roses in a stunning red vase.
I love me some flowers!
Now for a whole different subject...
I finally got my hands on the IK Spring edition. (side note: I much prefer the old style. This new set up is annoying. I like to have the big picture next to the pattern so that I can say "ohhh I like that what kind and how much yarn does it take?" and then being able to glance over to get that information. Not have to flip through the pages to find the appropriate pattern. But I digress)
Well I decided that I am in mad love with the cable-down raglan sweater and the dollar cardigan. Since I am currently on a yarn diet and do not have the appropriate yarn for either sweater I went to Goodwill to hunt for a sweater to recycle. I found this one...
This is a handmade sweater. It looks like it was knit in pieces with the 3 needle BO at the shoulders. It was starting to unravel so I decided to unravel it and use it for a new sweater. I am really unsure of the yarn content but it feels lovely. So that is something else that I have been working on.
I leave you with a pic of Miss Babs spun up in a single. Soo yummy!
Miss Babs spun up!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okay so I know that you have missed me...

Hey what do you want?! I have been majorly busy with school and well... life. So remember that raffle I told you about? I know that I said I would do it on V-Day, however the woman that has to get me the bank information and the prize ended up in the hospital so I am currently waiting on her to get me that stuff and I will start it. Patience my lovelies!

Remember the Sock Swap that I am a part of? Remember that awful sock that I was knitting? It went to the frog pond. When the sock is knitted all the way to the heel turning part and can still stand up on its own when sat on the desk you know that it is too tight. Not to mention that I hated it throughly. I began a new pair of socks, size 2 needles this time and the Jaywalker pattern, and I have to say that I am enjoying the knitting so much more now. So my socks are late but I totally plan on making it up to my partner. I am getting the partner a knitting book as well as some candies and hot chocolate milk packets to put in the box with the much more comfy socks.

Did I tell you that my swap pal is Lilly from KH? She is amazing and I am so happy that she was my pal! Check the beautiful socks that she sent me...
She also sent me some yummy coffee, Chinese tea that has the coolest container ever, a Godiva chocolate bar (that disappeared too quickly hehehe), some chocolate truffles and Miss Babs Batt. Gorgeous stuff! And so soft. I think I may have to get more.
Babsy & Chinese tea
Check out the close up...
Miss Babs
Ohhh yeah.
I have more to blog about but I must get ready for class. So expect more later. I forgot how much fun blogging can be :)